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At Yogaadiyoga we are dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and inner harmony through the practice of yoga. Our center is a haven for individuals seeking to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, physical fitness, and mental well-being.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals of all ages and abilities can explore the ancient wisdom and holistic practices of yoga. We aim to empower our students to cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies, minds, and souls, ultimately fostering a balanced and fulfilling life.
Our Yoga Instructors:
At Yogaadiyoga we take pride in our team of highly experienced and certified yoga instructors. Each of them brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, and teaching styles, ensuring that our students receive personalized attention and guidance throughout their yoga journey. Our instructors are not only passionate about yoga but are also dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all.
Yoga Classes and Programs:
We offer a diverse range of yoga classes and programs catering to students of varying levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Whether you're looking to develop a strong physical practice, reduce stress, improve flexibility, or explore the spiritual aspects of yoga, we have something for everyone. Our class schedule is thoughtfully designed to accommodate busy lifestyles, making it easier for you to integrate yoga into your daily routine.
We offer classes for core strength, injury recovery and Aerobics, Yoga, Yoga therapy, Zumba, Dance, Strength training, HIIT work out , Pair yoga, Prenatal yoga, Postnatal yoga. All these courses are available online as well.

Additional Services:
In addition to our regular yoga classes, we also offer specialized workshops, retreats, and wellness events that delve deeper into specific aspects of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. These events provide an opportunity to enhance your practice, connect with like-minded individuals, and take your well-being to new heights.



Yoga Instructor

YOGACHARYA M.Sc. (Yoga) West Bengal, Yoga Wellness instructor 500 hours, 200 hours from Yoga Alliance, Ashtanga Yoga 100 hours Rishikesh, Hatha Yoga 100 hours, Bhakti Shastri (Bhagavat Gita teacher training) course from ISKCON Mangalore (Karnataka)

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Yoga class running successfully, both online & offline .
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If you want to become a Yoga teacher.
we have great opportunity for you to get Yoga teacher training course .
All short courses are also available.
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